Social Media Wall

Advertisers may choose to live-stream user-generated content from any dedicated hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms. Clients can also curate a selection of photographs or videos and combine them with our ready-made templates designed specifically for our billboard. Production is fast and hassle-free.

Remote Live Feed

Our interactive billboards have the ability to live-stream content from any smart device or directly from any video source in Hong Kong via 4G cellular network. We will provide the necessary equipment and crew to connect your live content with your audience to deliver an impactful experience.

Professional Audio

All our billboards are equipped with the latest professional grade sound systems to dominate your audience's attention.

see what made them successful

Within DOOH, there are a number of standard Creative Techniques which should be considered when designing DOOH for a brand, definitions for which are here:


Unique Creative for DOOH.

DOOH is extremely unique in its own right and is capable of many unique creative capabilities to connect you with your audience emotionally.


Your Audience

must be considered in the creative process of DOOH to maximize your campaign.


Use technology to support creativity.

XGD billboards are not only the highest definition billboards in the market but is supported by many unique technological capabilities to make your creative dreams come true. Ask us!


Dynamic content with real time information.

Increase the awareness and effectiveness of your campaign by including real time information such as, financials, weather, traffic and etc.


Live feed

The use of live streaming video footage from anywhere can effectively raise awareness and effectiveness.


Online to Offline.

DOOH has a direct connection between the online and offline worlds. Incorporating QR codes, hashtags and etc can effectively engage your audience and understand your customer’s behavior in real time.


Eye catching.

Even the smallest amount of added animation will help elevate engagement.



A typical slot on a digital out of home screen is 10 – 30 seconds. The loop length itself will vary depending on the screen.



When delivering copy on large format digital out of home locations, use a font size of minimum 9px to be visible. If text on the creative is unreadable on your computer screen at 100% zoom, it will not be visible on a digital out of home screen.



Colour is crucial element in enhancing visual attention; therefore using a dark background with elements of vibrant colour will deliver the most eye catching and impactful advertisements.



When delivering final content deliver the correct file type, built for stability and quality with little variation across formats.

.mov files encoded using h.264 are recommended. Maximum limit is 25MB

.jpg files are recommended, files must be RGB. Maximum limit is 1MB